What sort of dream are you living?

Just like our nightly dreams, our waking dream can be magical and rejuvenating. The wonders of life can continually reinspire us and serve as an inexhaustable source of creativity, connection and joy. But, this dream can also be mundane, repetitive, draining, and even terrifying. In my experience, we usually fall somewhere in between, grinding away for a future reward, like a trip to the beach, a promotion at work, a new piece of equipment, or maybe a quiet weekend at home. Rarely do we completely step into our power and live the dream that wants to live through us.  

When I was 22 years old, a loved one’s tragic accident turned my relatively “normal,” anxiety-riddled and directionless dream into a nightmare. Fortunately, I realized how fragile life is and how important it is to live every moment as if it’s precious. Having already embarked on a spiritual path, I recognized it was the most important part of my life and gave myself to it wholeheartedly. Though my journey has not been without hardship, my dream is alive and well, and my purpose is clear: to support others in living their dream (as it makes all of our dreams better).

Healing means “wholeness.” I don’t claim to be a healer, but I’ve been learning and teaching healing artforms and doing my best to embody wholeness and balance for 20 years. Along the way I’ve earned numerous professional certifications and a PhD in Psychology, which I devoted to the study of how healing and psychospiritual transformation occurs, particularly in dreams. Mostly, I have practiced and explored, traveling the world both outwardly and inwardly. Everyone I connect with is at a different place in life, and I have no “one-size-fits-all” approach to helping. Rather, I focus energy wherever it’s needed, whether it’s to assist you in overcoming a blockage, developing and implementing a plan for personal and professional growth, discovering your life purpose, or sharing your unique gift with courage and compassion. I listen deeply, hold space for you, and offer guidance when I feel called.

I would like to help you:

• Identify and realize your life goals 
• Cultivate greater focus, will power, and emotional intelligence 
• Relieve chronic pain, release limiting beliefs and let go of destructive emotional patterns 
• Relax more deeply into the present moment and sleep soundly through the night
• Harness the wisdom and power of your nightly dreams
• Communicate more effectively and greatly enhance your quality of life 

Invest in Yourself.

Whether you’re in a life transition and in search of balance, are awakening spiritually, looking to enhance your creativity and vitality, have more meaningful relationships, take the next step in your psychospiritual education, or are just trying to get some rest, an investment in working together is an investment in your own potential and a contribution toward the new dream on Earth, where we live in alignment with ourselves, our planet, and our communities. 

Schedule a Session.

The easiest way for us to begin is to work together over the phone, which can be a profound medium for connection, energy exchange and transformation. If you’re in the Atlanta area, you’re welcome to visit my studio space in West Georgia (about 45-60 minutes outside of Atlanta). I also make occasional house calls both locally and when traveling. Sessions typically last about an hour, though they can be longer depending on our intention. Please note that I do not accept insurance.

Thank you!

E: evolutionary.ed@gmail.com