We spend one-third of our lives asleep.

Imagine what you could do with that time.


What is

Sleep & Dream


Sleep & Dream Coaching (“SDC”) is an integrative approach to total wellness and transformation that honors the inextricable union of mind and body, and the intimate relationship between psychology, spirituality, and human thriving. Mainstream psychology has long neglected the tremendous value of sleep and dreams, as well as the importance of a holistic model of health and wellness. SDC remedies that, inspiring you to cultivate inner wisdom, wholeness and balance throughout your entire lifetime, and especially while you’re sleeping.

By integrating movement, breathwork, meditation, deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra), dream recalllucid dreaming and a variety of self-inquiry practices, SDC helps you get in touch with who you are and who you wish to be. SDC has the power to heal your body, release trauma, and dispel fear and anxiety. It can help you solve problems, overcome insomnia, quiet your mind, and nurture creativity. SDC also serves as a vehicle for extraordinary states of consciousness that catalyze spiritual awakening and reveal our true purpose.

Sleep is where we heal, and our dreams are literally trying to mold us into the best version of ourselves.

Sleep & Dream Coaching teaches us how to quiet our mind, embrace sleep, and bring our dreams to life.

Why Sleep & Dreams?

Sleep & Dream Coaching is a practice of self-empowerment. When we learn to harness the wisdom of our dreams, we see our life, as well as the lives of others, with greater clarity and compassion. By living in alignment with what we truly want for ourselves and the world, we tap into a wellspring of peace, intelligence and vitality that can move mountains. SDC unites us with the deepest parts of ourselves, so that we can meet life’s challenges with intention, courage and energy that can only come through self-knowledge.


Sleep & Dream Coaching Can Help You:

• Catalyze your psychological and spiritual growth

• Alleviate insomnia and nightmares, relax more deeply into the present moment, and sleep soundly through the night

• Identify and realize your life goals

• Cultivate greater focus, will power, creativity, flow states, and emotional intelligence

• Relieve chronic pain and anxiety, release fears and limiting beliefs, and let go of destructive emotional patterns

• Integrate visionary experiences, including spiritual awakening, mystical and psychedelic experiences

• Harness the wisdom and power of your nightly dreams, including lucid dreaming

• Communicate more effectively, open your heart, helps others, and greatly enhance your quality of life


A World of Infinite Possibility Awaits.

Though it’s difficult to express, the most beautiful experiences of my life have come during sleep and dreams. As a teenager I was incredibly shy, overflowing with anxiety, and my mind never stopped racing. All that changed at age 21, when I first discovered yoga and meditation. Within a few months, I experienced a remarkable dream where I was shot between the eyes and died. When I awoke, I felt lighter, renewed, and had recovered a child-like curiosity, as if a fire had been lit inside. Thus began a path of learning that persists to this day and perpetually fills me with wonder and awe.

In the twenty years since I began my journey, I have been blessed to study with several masters from various traditions and have done my best to integrate their teachings and embody their wisdom. I am also extremely fortunate to have learned many things through my own practice, which gives me meaning, hope, and continually inspires me. Ultimately, my dreams told me to start a school–the idea literally emerged from my head like a ball of light during deep relaxation! Shortly thereafter, I founded Evolutionary Education® and have been living my life as if it were a dream ever since.

Along the way, there have been incredible visions, painful realizations, emotional catharsis and deeply transformative experiences that I cannot explain. What I do know for certain is that Sleep & Dream Coaching has improved my relationships, enhanced my self-esteem, inspired art and music, and fundamentally changed the way I see myself and the world. Because of SDC, I believe anything is possible.

It is this gift of infinite possibility that I wish to share with you.

Invest in Yourself.

This work is for:

• Teachers, Therapists and Healers

• Creatives, Visionaries, and Seekers

• Anyone that has ever wondered about the meaning of dreams

• Anyone in the midst of life transition, spiritual awakening, or spiritual crisis

• Anyone wishing to live in greater alignment with themselves, their communities, and our planet.

An investment in working together is an investment in your own potential and the health of our world.